By Andrew Reimann

Von Hof at BubbleCross

Last week, Von Hof Cycles welcomed Tony Utitus on the Ambassador team, our first Masters racer to fly the colors in cyclocross. After we measured him up on Monday, we got busy building up a frame for him to take home later in the week so he could get used to the feel of a performance cyclocross bike under his legs.

Here's what he had to say: "My new Von Hof Cycles CX bike has arrived! Not only does she look amazing, she rides like a dream. Aggressive, smooth, responsive...I could go on and on about this bike. I took it up hills, threw it over the shoulder and through some steep off cambers and it was like night and day compared to my old set-up. I cannot wait to put it to the true test tomorrow at Bubblecross. Can't even imagine racing on a real CX bike like this."

The Masters Cat 4 Race hosted plenty of racers well-known through the New Jersey Cycling Community. Jeremy Zeidner, Steven Sillett, David Adornato and Eric Sutherland all finished at the front of the race in order within 15 seconds of each other to make it a thrilling race to watch. Chris LaBudde somehow managed to fight in the top ten despite being festive enough to wear a beer stein on his head. Our new ambassador, Tony Utitus, was able to stay ahead of the mid-pack cutoff with a great 11th place finish.

Below was Tony's report of the race:

My first race as VON HOF CYCLES Master Ambassador was a great success! I took a solid 11th place at Bubble Cross. LOTS of sand, big hills and very steep drops made for a very tough but really fun course. No doubt the biggest key to my day was my new ‪#‎VonHofCX‬ bike. After one pre-ride lap I had the confidence I have never had before in a CX bike. It powered through the sand with ease, the power it put out on the climbs was so impressive and the handling and braking on the steep downhill in the woods was top-notch! I don't know how the heck I even raced before on that old piece of junk!

I have never tackled a course which such confidence and it all stemmed from my new ride and the crazy amount of support I got from my friends in the crowd. I was so stoked to hear everyone cheering me on, it made such a huge difference, thanks guys!



During the kid's race, the Cyclocross Magazine Racing Team put on a clinic for beginner racers, and ten riders were able to learn all about cornering and the importance of exit speed, body position on a cyclocross bike, and tackling barriers.

Rising UCI star Kathryn Cumming enjoyed her role as an instructor so much, she will be offering a "how-to" guide for running vs. riding later in the week.

Other than the clinic, the team took a much needed recovery ride, and cheered on the Elite riders from the sidelines. Stacey Barbossa was able to defend her home state against the ever impressive Laura Van Gilder, while the road powerhouse Lauren Dagostino took third on the podium. Other New Jersey UCI racers Allison Oishi and Robin Dunn were able to take fourth and fifth.

On the Men's side, Matthew Timmerman came down from Connecticut and had a thrilling battle with New Jersey hero Roger Aspholm. The two duked it out over the course, with Timmerman edging Aspholm at the line for the win. Eric Oishi rivaled the great performance of his wife's earlier performance and took third on the day.

Another thrilling day in the New Jersey racing books that Von Hof was excited to be a part of.