By Andrew Reimann

The Full Unveiling of the Women's Prototype

This week is a special time for North American cycling culture. NAHBS 2016 just kicked off, allowing frame builders all across the continent to have a voice across media platforms, or at least allow their frames and work to do the speaking for them.

Although Von Hof Cycles didn't venture out across the nation to Northern California, this has been an exciting week for us as well. After testing the handling and cornering capabilities, as well as the feel of the bike at descending speeds, we finally handed our women's road prototype over to one of our sponsored athletes, Kathryn Cumming, in order to give the frame an epic endurance test. Stay tuned for her rider diary about her reaction to the ride quality.

Earlier this week, readers on our mailing list got the first complete look of the prototype, and were given the chance to offer their ideas and opinions on the concept and design. We wanted to unveil the full bike to the larger public today. (To get the latest on our products, events and clinics, be sure to sign up for our information-packed and spammy-free newsletter.)

Although we will be bringing the production models to trade shows across the country, we are excited today to add to the cycling conversation from our home in Hoboken. And if this bike could speak, what would it say?

It would tell us that the days of performance bikes being first designed around 5'10'' to 6'1'' riders first, and then being diluted to other sizes, is over. It would tell us that women don't have to put up with a long, cumbersome top tube; a hyper-twitchy, short stem; a non-tapered fork with a large rake; or a frame with toe overlap. It would say that all riders who demand the highest quality, timeless steel with forward-thinking components will not be limited by their size.

While the final designs, color, and decals are nearly finished and will be released soon, you can expect to see the same Columbus Spirit tubing, dialed-in geometry, and parts package that will allow all riders to hunt for their adventure, enliven their daily commute, and contest the finish line.

This week, Von Hof's prototype is only engaging in the dialogue, but the final women's road bikes are already preparing their lungs to roar.