By Diana Parmer

Riding a Von Hof Is Good For Your Soul - Steel ACX Review in Bicycling

Latest review of our steel ACX in Bicycling: "The Von Hof Steel ACX Is The Fastest Custom Cross Race Bike"

We had a great time chatting with Matt Phillips and it turns out the feeling is mutual. We're stoked he enjoyed geeking out with us too, and appreciate the love for small builders like us. "If you’re burned out on all the carbon clones and looking for the toughness of steel and small builder appeal, the Von Hof Steel ACX offers the performance of a modern CX race bike, just with a whole lot of soul." Not to mention important stuff like performance, versatility, quick turnaround, USA-made, great lines and excellent construction. And oh yeah, the "warm and fuzzy feeling" you get from collaborating with us on your Von Hof's paint and build.