By Andrew Reimann

Looking for a few awesome people - VH is hiring!

VH is seeking innovators for ground floor opportunity. (Read: lots of work, limited resources) 

Our company is in it's second year and while we have accomplished plenty, we have a lot more to do. We are in search of  a number of skill sets but are working with a startup budget. Positions would likely be part time or contract to start and the more hats you can wear the better. The ideal candidates will share our passion for bikes, US manufacturing, amazing customer experience and sustainable business practices. While experience in the bike industry is a plus, it's not required - we believe strongly in moving our business beyond the bike industry norms. We are currently 50% women owned and operated and our goal is to maintain that diversity.

Below is a brief description of the areas of opportunity at VH.

  • Product : work closely with us on all aspects of product development including frame design/specs, material and product sourcing, quality control and vendor development and management. 
  • Brand : Develop and execute comprehensive brand messaging across multiple channels (social media, print, events, etc) that represents the mission, identity, and core values of our company. 
  • Retail / Community / Club: We have a small showroom for prepping and assembling bikes that could benefit from being open regular hours and holding regular events.  We're using this shop as a lab to explore retail and brand possibilities, community building and the establishment of a regional cycling club and are looking for someone to lead the charge. 
  • Design and creative: refinement and application of existing brand elements and creation of new ones. Create print and digital media assets, frame graphics, t-shirts, posters, hats, socks, stickers, etc.
  • Brand ambassadors: seeking cycling enthusiasts, adventurers, competitive cyclists, clubs and teams in the NY/NJ/PA area to ride our bikes and promote the brand.  

If you are interested in any or all of the above, we would love to hear from you. Please send us some info about you and your experience in confidence to