By Andrew Reimann

Cross is Coming: Photos from Last Weekend's Clinic

Cyclocross is a brutal sport. It can put a smile on anyone's face, but when you see some riders flying past while you feel like you are well beyond your 100% effort level.

Many times, the solution is not more basement rides and training intervals, but picking up the free speed through corners, barriers, and descents. Last weekend, Von Hof Cycles's rider Kathryn Cumming and BJL Coaching's Brian Lariviere hosted a clinic with support from Cycle Craft. Von Hof Cycles also made an appearance, dialing in any mechanical issues and answering all the tough choices like tread choice and pressure selection.

By the time the riders were finished with the day, all of them had locked eyes on the exit, cornered with their frames instead of handlebars, floated over barriers, and dominated the descent in a full attack position. You can look through the pictures by clicking on the gallery below. Feel free to save and share if you see a friendly face.